About Mefalsim Glass Art

Mefalsim Glass Art is a studio and gallery where I make a wide range of products from glass.
My name is Hana Segal, I live in Kibbutz Mefalsim and I make products from glass using the fusing technique.
My work is all handmade, I work on every detail and decoration by hand and after the fusing each item gets the final shape and colour.
Every item is made with special attention to small details and colours, each item is individually made and no two are the same

In the Gallery:
Judaica: Hanukah lamps, mezuzah, Pesach plates, Hamsa.
Gifts: A wide range of gifts for the home; Plates, Bowls, Candlesticks, Coasters, Dishes and more..
Jewellery: A range of jewellery from glass including; Necklaces, Bracelets, Brooches, Pendants, Earings and Hair clips


In my studio I also give instruction in Fusing, Vitrage and other glass art techniques


 What is Fusing

 Fusing is an artistic technique where glass pieces are soldered together at high temperatures.
Different coloured glass pieces are blended together to make one item, the glass can be decorated with the use of coloured powders that blend together inside the glass.
The fusing technique allows a wide range of products to be made according to the artist's imagination or to specifications from a customer.
Fusing enables the artist to use his artistic ability, imagination and individual style and gives an unforgettable finished product



Telephone: 08-6897736 Mobile phone: 050-3750681
Address:  Kibbutz Mefalsim House number 30 Zip 79160 Israel

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